Facial Treatments

Esthetics Treatments

Specific face cleaning

Face Cleaning and delicate areas 

Basic Facial Treatment

Eclat Programme

Specific partial treatment based on the typology of the face. (30’)

Specific Facial Treatments (60’)

Sensitive Programme: relaxing, softening and bleaching actions that allow intervention in a very delicate way.

Purifying  Programme: a formula for faces with an oily skin that brings obvious and stable results

Eternal Programme: a complete line that deals with every phenomenon connected to the aging of the skin.

“Vitamin Line” Programme: a high-tech cosmetic line that maximizes the potential of the most valuable vitamins to give renewed vitality to the face.

“Whiteing” Programme: treatment against sun spots that gives the skin its original glow.

 “For Man” Programme: cosmetic treatment personalized for man faces.

Special Facial Treatments (60’)

“Beverly Hills” Programme: revival treatment with oxygen and serums with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and stamina cells.

O2 Genesis: specific facial treatment accompanied by the Oxygen technology which has a revival action toward the skin cells and prevents its ageing


Skin Test (10’): A way to test the health of the skin of the face.

Power Lift: Contemporary technology that brings the energy in the tissues for the remodeling of the face and body.

Zero Fusion: An ultrasound system, safe and efficient for the decrease of the fat tissues and its remodeling; linked together with the magneto kinesis to eliminate the wastes of the metabolism and the extra liquids.